The sacrifice of the Purgatory souls

« Butterfly in the night, like a child, I wander in the void that surrounds me, attracted by lights that reveal themselves to me. »

A homeless man with amnesia is taken to a local sanitarium specialising in post-traumatic disorders from the First World War. He has no memory, neither present nor past. He tries to hold on to everything around him in the hope of building an identity, but the rivalry between two doctors crystallises over him.

He thus continues his mental journey in a dreamlike wandering tinged with Greek mythology before finding himself confronted with a brutal reality that takes shape through the strange Dr Bonne.

Découvrez « Le sacrifice des âmes du Purgatoire »,  un récit illustré par Sumit Roy.


Welcome to the Quine sanitarium!

This modern establishment puts people at the heart of medical concerns.

Dr. Quine and Dr. Bonne will be pleased to welcome you.


As I fall, I see the metal lightning bolt that Zeus has summoned in his hand.