Draw and tell

1. Draw

A pencil, an eraser and a sheet of paper are all you need to have fun drawing.
Reproduce the simple design patterns by assembling them step by step.
Use a die and multiply the combinations to make different characters and settings.

2. Color

With the included colour guide, learn how to match shades to make beautiful designs.
Discover how to use the colour wheel to create beautiful colour harmonies and brighten up your visual.

3. Tell

Tell your story with the simplified building system.
It will help you boost your imagination.
Pull randomly or choose what you want to add as a character or setting to enhance your story.
Select a box pattern and bubbles to produce a comic strip.

For children from 8 years old and adults who want to have fun with them.

Available only in french (for now)


Draw and tell

"Draw and Tell" presents easy-to-reproduce and assemble drawing templates. It also provides a colour guide and narrative elements to build a simple story.

Dessine et raconte

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The sacrifice of the gods

An investigator from the Holy Office leads us on a journey to the frontiers of the unspeakable through his logbook. His initiatory and dreamlike trip will plunge him into the heart of the darkest secrets that the Church tries to hide. Will he survive the madness that will take over his being? Will he witness the sacrifice of the Gods?
His journey of initiation and oneiric will plunge him into the heart of the most obscure secrets that the Church tries to hide.
Will he resist the madness that will take over his being? Will he witness the sacrifice of the Gods?

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The sacrifice of the Purgatory souls

« Butterfly in the night, like a child, I wander in the void that surrounds me, attracted by lights that reveal themselves to me. »

A homeless man with amnesia is taken to a local sanitarium specialising in post-traumatic disorders from the First World War. He has no memory, neither present nor past. He tries to hold on to everything around him in the hope of building an identity, but the rivalry between two doctors crystallises over him.

He thus continues his mental journey in a dreamlike wandering tinged with Greek mythology before finding himself confronted with a brutal reality that takes shape through the strange Dr Bonne.

Discover "The sacrifice of the Purgatory souls", a story illustrated by Sumit Roy.

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The sacrifice of flame

For Marcel, building a small routine life is a salvation when you don't know who you are, when you need to find your bearings, to gain autonomy, but it cannot last. There is a break when, during his morning walk, he observes the police pulling a corpse out of the water. Details disturb and obsess him to the point of taking reckless risks to investigate. Everything seems to come to a head when he accidentally crosses paths with Alwine, a prostitute whom he tries to protect from a gang of henchmen who want her back. Adding one's two cents upset the well-oiled machine of his routine will reveal theanaïrês who hides deep inside him. Between chaos and determinism, he will experience the cruelty of free will...

The Sacrifice of the Flame is the third volume in the Codex Memoriæ series.

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With Héritage, you'll follow the adventures of two troubled youngsters, Nathan and Blaise, aka Blob.

Rather lost and homeless, they move from squat to squat, living, or rather surviving, by petty theft. Their only goal is to live free and unencumbered in the capital. But encouraged by his friend, Nathan sets out to find out why his father died when he was a child. This quest will lead him on the trail of a legacy that has influenced the trajectory of his life since birth, and perhaps even before.



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All those condemned to death are innocent. Father Carlile, who hears them before the sentence is carried out, can attest to this.

When he comes face to face with Maxime Shriker, a.k.a. "Max le Fabuleux", it's his own doubts that assail him. After all, if he hadn't saved his life, the magician would never have murdered General de Launay.

All the evidence points to Shriker's guilt. This single certainty is shattered when Madame de Launay comes forward to confess her guilt and reveal the unbelievable vengeance to which she has fallen victim.

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Black Currawong

A serial killer speaks to his latest victim, Carlos, a retired Argentinean living in a small, remote town in the Andes mountains. His death concludes a cycle of twenty-seven murders, the work of a lifetime.

Black Currawong, unmoved by his sufferer's agonizing, takes the time to tell him his story.

It begins with a wonderful autumn day in 1944




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A read that transports you into an unexpected universe, mixing mythology and investigation with great subtlety.

Liline [Amazon]

The writing is fluid and accessible, even for those new to the genre. The style is well crafted and the research work is very well done.
A great discovery.